So this probably isn’t news to most of you, but I thought it was interesting and worth pointing out.

Remember when Lauren said this?



LOL. Yeah, me too.

Well, even though most of us already know that she absolutely edits her IG pics, she kind of undid her ~totes not photoshopped~…

This to me is proof enough that FF has photoshopped the shit out of this picture - nothing new here. She claims to have had bridge (bar through top of nose, almost between eyebrows), Monroe (to side of upper lip - like Marilyn’s beauty spot) and medusa (middle upper lip) piercings - yet I see no holes/scars. Even with healed over piercing sites of this nature there is almost always visible damage done to the skin at the site of piercing, and I have never seen one heal so there is only smooth skin left (I have training as a piercing artist and did a 6 month apprenticeship at a tattoo parlour in my city). I have had medusa and both nostrils pierced only once each - FF is claiming to have had each pierced TWICE making her claims even less believable as this would damage skin further. Every single person I have ever met who has had a piercing has been left with some visible scarring/evidence.

She is either lying about the piercings or lying about the photoshop.

(Images both taken from Felice Fawn’s tumblr and F.A.Q page)